Please allow to introduce myself: Hugo Besemer

Hugo Besemer

Dear all,

It was suggested that participants of the Agriscontent face-to-face meeting should introduce themselves. My name is Hugo Besemer. I am working with Johannes to moderate the Agriscontent group, and will do so during the meeting. By training I am an entomologist. Since the mid eighties I am involved with agricultural information, and wrote a first AGRIS input manual(that was never published) with a pen in 1984. I am part-time with Wageningen University, and part-time a consultant for international organisations, for example as content co-ordinator of an IMARK module.

I hope this meeting will bring us closer to practical activities. That is what we said about previous meetings as well but I think we are in a better position now, if I look at recent discussions .

Looking forward to see you all

Hugo Besemer


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