Introduction: Joost Lieshout

Hi. I’m Joost Lieshout (41).

After I got my degree fromWageningen University I worksed for two years at the Dutch Fruit Reseach Station to develop a computer model for predicting apple ripeness for early varieties. Then I Joined CIMMYT Mexico and worked for four years on the development of the International Ccrop Information System for handling genetic and evaluation data.

On my return to the Netherlands six years ago I started a consultancy (WIS International) providing input (expertise and services/tools) in Ag. Dev. Information Projectcs. I have been working intensively with various networks in developing countries to develop e.g. WISARD/InfoSARD and its sister services providing low level publishing access for projects, institutions, experts and so on.

It became very quickly clear to me that information sharing for the benefit of the poor was and still is not only caused by ‘weak’ networks, but also by the ‘lack of proper guidance’ on how to organize information available. Together with Wageningen International we joined the coherence movement and try to work together with whoever wants to work with us to develop some of the standards and methods needed for effective information dissemination.

I’m thankfull to be in this position and I hope to have fruitfull discussions with you during the Wageningen meeting.

— Joost.


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