Collaborative web pages on Building and Enhancing ARD Websites

Dear all,

in response to both Myra Wopereis-Pura’s request for advice in building the new FARA website and the suggestion from Marc Bernard that EGFAR should host some pages on how to best build a website in the agricultural field, of course in the framework of the coherence process, GFAR created a new section on the EGFAR Open Site (a part of the website where everyone can add and edit contents) called “Building and enhancing ARD websites“.

We decided to make it collaborative so that suggestions are not one-sided and everyone can provide advice and describe new tools. Users can also add new sub-sections if they wish.

I started writing something (on “Coherence in AIS”), but we would really like all the members of this Taskforce to contribute with their knowledge, and then we are going to involve the larger target of all our stakeholders.

In order to add or edit contents, visitors should register on our website (either from the Open Site itself or here), which is a very quick procedure asking only for very basic information (and for email confirmation). Once registered and logged in, you can go to the section where you want to add / edit contents and use the “Add new here” or “Edit this” links.

I hope you will find this tool useful.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback,


Valeria Pesce
EGFAR webmaster
GFAR Secretariat


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